We are proud to support organic and local farming because it’s better for you and better for the environment.

Real food

We do not use additives, preservatives, coloring, pesticides or any other chemical when making our ice cream bases – only nature-made organic ingredients.

Many ice cream shops claim to use local ingredients and then you find that their ice cream is full of high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils of different kinds. Compare our ingredients list to other ice creams and you’ll see that on average, Piccadilly ice creams contain roughly 6-7 ingredients where others contains 25+.



When you eat our delicious ice cream, we want you to really taste the difference that local, organic and ethically sourced ingredients really make. We take the best, freshest ingredients grown or raised in pure nature form and hand craft it using minimal processing to create amazingly creamy and rich ice cream.Our goal is to use fewer ingredients of the highest quality instead of many different preservatives, emulsifiers, chemical additives and other junk no one can pronounce. When you eat Piccadilly ice cream or yogurt, you know that you’re getting milk and cream from grass-fed cows who were not given growth hormones or antibiotics; fair-trade organic sugar and organic fruit. That’s it!

Local farming

It’s simple – we let the animals and the land do their job, naturally without human intervention and then we hand-craft our ice creams from scratch without adding anything to it. That way, you get the richest, creamiest ice cream and none of the unnatural chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Its just common sense and makes for great ice cream!


Beyond organic is really referring to a lifestyle – it’s a mind set. It speaks to a way of thinking and eating. Its clear to us that what we eat matters – eat better and you will feel better, look better and live better. The idea is to re-focus on seasonal, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that common sense tells us is best – the things we eat are at their best when eaten ripe and in season, not sprayed, picked unripened and shipped across the country whenever. Beyond organic is focused on a 365’ view of our eating and living habits.